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Obama on Immigration:
I Just Took an Action to Change the Law

If Michael Brown Had Put His Hands Up.
He'd be alive today.

Justice Ginsburg Gets a Heart Stent.
Stent placed to repair blockage in coronary artery.

'Most Expensive Regulation Ever.'
New EPA rule will cost $3.4 trillion and 2.9 million jobs.

Obama in Market for 4th Secretary of Defense.
Maybe the problem is Obama, not the secretaries.

Our Giant Welfare State.
Including indirect benefits, U.S. is second only to France in welfare spending.

If Democrats Were Honest.
They'd hold their 2016 convention in Detroit.

'Burn This Bitch Down!'
CNN captures Michael Brown's stepfather calling for arson in Ferguson, Mo.

20-Foot Blood Trail.
Trail of Michael Brown's blood shows he turned and advanced on Officer Wilson.

One Thing the Media Forgot to Mention.
Prosecutor overseeing Michael Brown grand jury is a Democrat.

Would You Like Benefits with That?
Obama's amnesty beneficiaries will get Medicare, Social Security, and other benefits.

Obama Does Vegas.
32-minute speech on immigration, 9 hours on the golf course. Taxpayers, of course, pick up the tab.

Still Smokin'.
Obama invites singer Billy Joel to join him on the White House's North Portico for a smoke.

No Flat Screen, No Peace.
Black Friday comes early in Ferguson, Missouri.

Top 15 Anti-Amnesty Myths.
#9. Reagan and Bush did the same.

Iran Gets Another 7 Months to Develop Nukes.
Obama apparently willing to let Iran stall nuclear talks indefinitely.

Obama Appeared Willing to Sign Very Weak Deal with Iran.
Netanyahu: No deal better than a bad deal.

$2 Trillion over Five Decades.
The cost of Obama's executive order providing immigration amnesty.

Russia: Sanctions Hurt a Little; Falling Oil Prices Hurt a Lot.
Russia losing $140 billion per year, will cut spending.

Obama Earns 4 More Pinocchios.
For claim that George H.W. Bush legalized 1.5 million immigrants.

Marion Barry Dies.
Controversial 4-term mayor of D.C. died just hours after hospital released him.

Norquist Supports Walker.
Grover Norquist says Gov. Scott Walker would make "Coolidge model" presidential candidate.

As Foreign and Domestic Crises Rise.
Obama enjoys another round of golf.

Sex Offenders Welcome.
Under new Obama rules, sex offenders and drug dealers not highest priority for deportation.

House Sues over ObamaCare.
Claims unlawful delay of mandate and unconstitutional payments to insurance companies.

Gruber to Testify.
ObamaCare architect called before House Oversight Committee.

Obama Speech Audience Flop.
Ties The Big Bang Theory. Half of audience watched in Spanish.

We Must Stop the Emperor.
Senator Jeff Sessions makes case against Obama amnesty.

Iran Talks May Be Extended to March.
Meanwhile, Iran will continue its nuclear weapons program.

5 More Detainees Released from Guantanamo.
Three sent to Georgia, two to Slovakia.

More Deportation Protection.
Illegals from Ebola affected areas won't be deported.

Obama Inflates ObamaCare Sign-Up Numbers.
Added 400,000 who were only receiving dental care.

I Am Not a King.
Obama has said at least 22 times that he could not write his own immigration law.

Clintons Spent $8.5 Million on Travel Last Year.
The costs were generously paid by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.
Off the Teleprompter, Obama Occasionally Lapses into Truth-Telling.
Obama became exasperated by hecklers who wanted him to act on immigration "reform." Obama said, "But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law." Of course, Obama has repeatedly claimed that his executive order on immigration did not change the law.

Kerry Tells Russians: Just Ignore Obama.
The Russians objected to Obama's harsh criticism of their actions. Kerry told them just to ignore what Obama said.

DOJ's Settlement Agreement with Banks Requires Banks to Donate Millions to Liberal Activist Organizations.
House Judiciary Committee wants to know why the settlement should fund "a national network of left-wing community organizers operating in the mold of Acorn."

Eric Holder Says He Doesn't 'Condone' Violence in Ferguson, Missouri.
Strong letter to follow.

New York Times Publishes Location of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's Home.
At the link, you'll find the addresses of the two (ir)responsible New York Times reporters.

The Grand Jury Has Done Its Duty.
Now it's time for the Dept. of Justice to do its duty. After an exhaustive review of the evidence, the grand jury has delivered its decision, but the DOJ says it's investigation is "ongoing." It's likely that, for political reasons, the DOJ doesn't want to exonerate Officer Darren Wilson. After all, the DOJ investigation of George Zimmerman remains open nearly three years after Trayvon Martin was shot, and 16 months after Zimmerman was found to be not guilty. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Sen. Charles Schumer: Democrats' Passing ObamaCare Was a Big Mistake.
Schumer: Unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them... We took their mandate and put all our focus on the wrong problem – healthcare reform.

In 2010, ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber Warned that Premiums Would Soar under ObamaCare.
At the same time, Obama was claiming that premiums prices would go down.

Report: Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel Refused to Sign Off on Guantanamo Prisoner Releases.
Hagel's refusal contributed to his firing.

Iran on Nuclear Negotiations: The Americans Have Clearly Surrendered.
Iranian president pledges that their centrifuges will "never stop." Iran is expected to have enough fuel for a nuclear bomb by June – exactly at the end of the recently extended nuclear negotiations.

New York Times Editorial: Hagel Isn't the Core of Obama's Military Problem.
The real problem is Obama and his "shifting" and "incoherent" national security policy.

The New York Times Says Defense Chief Chuck Hagel Resigned under 'Pressure.'
Was Hagel too outspoken? Sen. John McCain says, "Hagel was very, very frustrated."

ObamaCare: Documents Show that Both IRS and HHS Knew Subsidies Were for State Exchanges Only.
New report documents the administration's flip-flop on ObamaCare subsidies. A Supreme Court decision that subsidies apply only to state exchanges would doom ObamaCare.

Legal Justification for Obama's Immigration Amnesty Is that Nothing Has Changed.
As Obama grants amnesty to millions, DOJ says his order is legal because it provides case-by-case determination of whether or not the cost of deportation is justified. But they're always going to decide that the cost is not justified. Obama justice.

Amnesty without Jobs Will Keep New Americans Dependent on Welfare and Democrats.
As Milton Friedman argued, the combination of an open border and a welfare state spells economic suicide for the U.S.

It's Not Just the ObamaCare Premiums that Are Soaring.
To keep premiums from rising even higher, deductibles are increasing. Cheapest plans will have average $5,181 deductible for individuals; $10,500 for families!

Obama Continues Rush to Empty Guantanamo.
Releases a Saudi citizen, the seventh prisoner released in the last two weeks.

Iran Says Final Nuke Deal 'Impossible' by Deadline.
Israel considers Iran attack.

Newt Gingrich: Obama Immigration Plan Not just Prosecutorial Discretion.
Gingrich says Obama plans new programs without Congressional approval, budget appropriation, or spending authorization.

We'll Get You Those Emails after the Election.
IRS finds 30,000 Lois Lerner emails. Previously said they couldn't find them, had destroyed them, hadn't looked for them....

We'll Tell You about Increased U.S. Military Role in Afghanistan after the Election.
Obama secretly signed an order authorizing more expansive military action in Afghanistan.

Pair Arrested for Purchase of Guns and Bomb-Making Materials Near Ferguson, Missouri.
Details still unclear, but it is believed the men wanted to use pipe bombs in expected Ferguson unrest.

The Truth about Obama's 'Temporary' Ebola Amnesty.
The plan permits those from Ebola affected countries to remain "temporarily" in the U.S. History suggests they will stay permanently.

Gracias, Presidente Obama.
Speaker John Boehner said Obama "cemented his legacy of lawlessness" with granting of immigration amnesty. Full text of Obama speech.

Majority of Legalized Illegals Won't Pay Taxes.
Instead, they'll receive huge government subsidies through the earned income tax credit.

What Obama Didn't Mention.
Checking of criminal suspects against DHS records will end. Illegals will get Social Security cards, work permits, driver's licenses, etc. Charles Krauthammer calls the amnesty "a gigantic neon sign" and an "invitation to mass migration."

Sarah Palin: Democracy Is an Inconvenience for Obama.
Historian Douglas Brinkley says Obama will become
"a folk hero to Latino Americans."

CBS: ObamaCare Premium Increases Will Be 'Staggering' in 2015.
Increases ranging from 20 to 60%.

Details of Obama Amnesty Plan Begin to Emerge.
Will allow up to 4 million who have lived in U.S. for five years to avoid deportation. Another 1 million will get protection through a variety of other schemes.

Administration Continues to Lay Groundwork for Ground Troops.
In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tony Blinken said the administration was open to the potential use of ground troops.

DHS Secretary Warns of New Surge of Illegals.
He doesn't mention that it is Obama's amnesty plan that will cause the next flood across the border.

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