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"...the DOJ works for me... when they're conducting an investigation, I've got to make sure that I don't look like I'm putting my thumb on the scales one way or the other." Barack Obama, August 18, 2014.

"Trayvon Martin could have been me." Barack Obama, July 19, 2013.
Obama's Teetering Presidency

Report: Ferguson Police Officer Suffered 'Orbital Blowout Fracture.'
Sources say Darren Wilson suffered fracture of bone(s) around his eye in scuffle with Michael Brown.

Sen. Mark Udall (D, Colo.) Bills Taxpayers for Investment Advice.
Taxpayers have paid $4,500 to help Udall manage his wealth.

Allison Grimes Gets Discount from Daddy.
In gambit that appears to be illegal, Dem U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia rents campaign bus from father for a fraction of cost.

Sen. Landrieu (D, La.) Cited for More Misuse of Taxpayer Funds.
Evidence of additional use of Senate office funds for campaign travel.

Group Behind Perry Indictment Has Sugar Daddy.
Liberal billionaire George Soros gave $500,000 to Texans for Public Justice.

Avg. Cost of Raising a Child: $245,340.
Warning: Does not include a college education.

8,000 Navy Chiefs Face the Ax.
Following Army firings, the Navy now looks to discharge senior enlisted personnel.

7 Killed, 29 Wounded in Chicago over Weekend.
0 protests.

U.S. Counterterrorism Mission 'Lost.'
One of first female combat veterans in Congress, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI) disagrees strongly with Obama on Iraq.

Top Dem Supports 'Boots on Ground' in Iraq.
Rep. Eliot Engel (D, NY) says U.S. "can't put our head in the sand."

Fannie Mae Downgrades Housing Market.
Expects 2014 home sales to be lower than 2013.

ObamaCare a 'No Sale' with Native Alaskans.
Of over 100,000 eligible, only 115 have enrolled.

New VA Secretary Quickly Goes Native.
Moves slowly against incompetent/dishonest employees. Wants to be "respectful."

Pain and Suffering under ObamaCare.
Nevada woman has paid her premiums but can't get the operation she desperately needs.

Annual Medicare Fraud a $60 Billion Problem.
Government apparently unable to prevent massive Medicare fraud.

Medicare's $8.9 Billion Scooter Problem.
Since 1999, Medicare has bought power wheelchairs or scooters for 2.7 million people.

British Prime Minister Understands ISIS Threat.
David Cameron calls ISIS a "direct and deadly threat to Britain."

Ferguson Evidence to Go to Grand Jury.
Prosecutors will begin presenting evidence to grand jury next week.

Dept. of Justice Authorizes Second Autopsy.
Eric Holder has approved a second autopsy of Ferguson shooting victim Michael Brown.

2 Dead, 8 Wounded in Chicago Overnight.
16-year-old girl shot dead.

ISIS Murders 700 from Syrian Tribe.
Murders occurred over last two weeks in Syria.

World in Chaos.
And Sec. of State John Kerry is talking about climate change.

Perry Defiant.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry calls his indictment a politically motivated farce.

Cruz, Jindahl Back Perry.
Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Bobby Jindahl blast "politically motivated" Perry indictment.

Only 22% of Americans Satisfied.
Just 22% in U.S. are satisfied with the way things are going in the country.

Is Obama Already Conceding Fall Election?
Why else would he consider executive action on immigration at this time?

Dems Don't Want Obama to Move on Immigration.
Vulnerable Dem candidates don't want Obama to make immigration order before the November election.

Obama Blocks Arms Shipments to Israel.
Yet another example of his "unprecedented" support.

An American Policeman Is Killed Every 58 Hours.
1,501 law-enforcement officers have died in the line of duty over last 10 years.

Another Wave of Illegal Aliens Is on the Way.
30,000 unaccompanied illegal minors coming in September and October.

Let My People Go.
Obama illegal alien policy is to "let as many people go as possible."

Sen. Landrieu (D, La.) Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Campaign.
Having been caught with her hand in the taxpayer cookie jar, she promises to put the money back.

Julian Castro, Clinton Running Mate?
39-yr-old former mayor invited to Clinton mansion for dinner and meeting.

'Kiss All Hope Goodbye.'
Democrats use desperate language in frantic pleas for campaign donations.

Even Obama's Base Has Had Enough of Him.
In 2012, Obama won women by 55% to 44%. Now, 41% of women approve of him; 51% disapprove. Among Hispanics, his 71% to 21% winning percentage has fallen to 34% approve, 46% disapprove.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R, S.C.): If You Want to Get on the News, then Go Rob a Bank.
Gowdy does not want his Benghazi investigation to "become a circus." His committee is conducting its business away from the cameras.

'Who Gets to Hold Her Crown While She Speaks?'
Hillary Clinton's long list of absurd, often costly demands of those who are already playing a quarter of a million dollars or more to hear her speak prompts one reporter to ask "who holds her crown?"

Over a Dozen Witnesses Back Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's Story.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch crime reporter Christine Byers Tweets: Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop's version of events in shooting.

In Ferguson, the Race to Be Wrong First Is On.
Jonah Goldberg: The rush to condemn Wilson's conduct and the gallop to martyr Brown may have set land speed records.

Friend of Ferguson Policeman Darren Wilson Calls Radio Station to Give Wilson's Version of Shooting.
Link is to recording of friend's call to radio station. Confirms story of background conversation reported below.

Background Conversation in Shooting Scene Video Gives New Account of Police Interaction with Michael Brown.
Account appears to confirm another account relayed from Officer Darren Wilson. There was a struggle at the police car, Michael Brown and his friend started to leave, then Brown charged Officer Wilson. It is suggested that Brown may have been high. Autopsy results (below) appear to be consistent with the scenario described here.

Results of Michael Brown Autopsy Performed by Dr. Michael Baden.
Michael Brown was shot at least six times, all from the front. Four shots entered the front of the right arm.
Dr. Baden describes a head wound as consistent with the possibility that Brown is "charging forward at the officer." This is exactly the scenario described above.

'Eyewitness' Account of Michael Brown's Companion Appears False.
Dorian Johnson claimed Brown had been shot in the back. Also in this article, manager of store robbed by Brown fears for his life if people believe he called the police. "They kill us if they think we are responsible."

Man Who Tried but Failed to End Genocide in Rwanda Sees Repeat in Iraq.
Canadian Lt. Gen Roméo Dallaire led the UN mission in Rwanda. He especially worries that in Iraq, as in Rwanda, children are being enlisted and are committing horrific acts. "The American public is 'war-weary.' So, though, are the children of Iraq."

In Ferguson, As in Benghazi, the Video Did It.
Despite the overnight curfew, one person was shot – and is in critical condition – and a police car was shot at. The media blames the violence on the release of a video of the strong-arm robbery committed by Michael Brown before he was shot. It's easy to forget that shootings were occurring before the video was released, and the FAA already had to place flight restrictions on the airspace over Ferguson after shots were fired at helicopters.

Policing by MSNBC Rules.
To make a long story short, it didn't work in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Frivolous, Politically Motivated Perry Indictment.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry was not indicted for what he did (the veto), he was indicted for what he said (that he was going to veto). Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz (a liberal Democrat) is "outraged" at the indictment.
Liberal calls the indictment a "political farce." This is not the first time Travis County prosecutors have tried this. In 1993, then state treasurer Kay Bailey Hutchison was charged with misuse of her office. The judge ordered a directed verdict of "not guilty" on the first day of her trial. Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay spent years and over $12 million fighting charges that he had inappropriately funneled corporate funds to political candidates. Delay was finally formally acquitted of all charges.

9-Term Incumbent Dem Congressman Won't Say if Constituents Are Better Off.
Are your constituents better off now than they were two years ago? Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney won't say.

New York Times Reporter Calls Obama 'the Greatest Enemy to Press Freedom in a Generation.'
Dept. of Justice wants James Risen to reveal a confidential source.

To Book Hillary for a Speech, You Also Have to Book a Presidential Suite and a Gulfstream Jet.
Hillary requires a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream 450 or larger.

At Chaotic News Conference, Missouri Governor Announces Midnight-to-5am Curfew in Ferguson.
Previous policy of kumbaya had not worked any better in Ferguson than it had as Obama's foreign policy.

No Police: Business Owners in Ferguson, Mo. Forced to Protect Their Own Stores.
Looters controlled the streets from midnight to 6:00am. Former St. Louis County police chief said this wasn't "police restraint." This, he said, was police reluctant to act.

Perry Indictment: The Criminalization of Political Differences.
Democratic pollster and analyst Doug Schoen called the indictment of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry for abuse of office "outrageous." Schoen said, "It is very depressing, sad, and just plain wrong."

In Reporting Perry Indictment, AP Mischaracterizes the Results of Tom Delay Case.
The last major politically motivated case to come out of Travis County, Texas was aimed at Republican Tom Delay the former U.S. House majority leader. An appeals court found that "the evidence was legally insufficient to support Delay's conviction." Delay was formally acquitted of all charges.

George Will Ruminates on the 'Grandstanding Frivolity of the Political Class.'
Liberals fail to understand capitalism and the nature of capital. "Capital, being mobile, goes where it is wanted and stays where it is treated well."

'When Was Crashing, Those in Charge Were Hitting the Delete Button.'
Key ObamaCare official, Marilyn Travenner, had previously revealed that she had failed to save her emails, but claimed she forwarded them to her staff to keep. This email to a staff member is clearly labeled, "Please delete this email."

Federal Judge Demands More Sworn Responses from IRS Regarding Lois Lerner Emails.
Judge Emmet Sullivan wants details and explanation of contradictory testimony. Was Lois Lerner's hard drive scratched or not?

Time's Up for Lois Lerner and the IRS.
First round of sworn responses by IRS regarding Lois Lerner's emails were deliberately "literally true" but "revealed nothing." Judge Emmet Sullivan is not amused.

Obama's Reckless Disregard for ISIS.
"Apparently the U.S. military is now a highly sophisticated branch of the Red Cross."

How the U.S. Can Defeat ISIS.
Job 1: Convince both parties in Congress that the Islamist army is a mortal threat to the U.S.

Illegal Immigrant Children to Be Classified as 'Homeless'.
Labeling these children as "homeless" opens up a cornucopia of federal benefits.

Five Reasons Obama Might Be Coming Back to Washington.
#5. A driver's license for Malia.

Fraternal Order of Police Executive Takes Exception to Obama's Remarks on Ferguson, Missouri.
"I would contend that discussing police tactics from Martha's Vineyard is not helpful to ultimately calming the situation."
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