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ISIS Fighters 'At the Gates of Baghdad'

Armed, Convicted Felon Rides Elevator with Obama.
Occurred 3 days before an armed intruder entered the White House.

Obama Still Misses Most of His Intelligence Briefings.
In his second term, Obama has attended just 41% of his intelligence briefings. (It's OK to skip class if you're making all "A"s. Obama is failing.)

FCC Repeals NFL Blackout Rule.
Are you ready for some football?

Obama Spends $94,000 on Stage Production of 18-Minute Speech.
Over $5,000 per minute spent on stage, drapes, and sound system. Of course, those were taxpayer dollars.

White House Intruder Didn't Just Jump Fence.
He took the full tour.

Secret Service Has New Guiding Principle.

Washington Post Rewrites White House Intruder Story.
Removes a single word.

Rosie O'Donnell Takes Dim View of NFL Penalty.
It's the kind of thing that "propels us to war."

Are We at War, Mr. President?
Oh, no. U.S. troops are merely "in a war environment."

First Step for New Iraqi Army.
Woo back deserters so they can become our dedicated "boots on the ground" to turn the tide against ISIS.

Another ObamaCare 'Gotcha' Emerges.
When you go to the ER, your insurance may just cover the building, not the doctors.

ObamaPhone Use in Maryland Grows 10,000% in 3 Years.
The number of subscribers to the free cell-phone service is twice the number thought to be eligible.

Obama Finds Someone Else to Blame – Again.
The intelligence community underestimated ISIS. (Obama can't be held responsible, he doesn't even read the intel reports.)

Meanwhile, Obama Focuses on Work.
Plays 41st round of golf – of the year.

ObamaCare Circles the Drain in California.
Insurance rates go up, access to doctors goes down.

The Ground Shifts in Iowa U.S. Senate Race.
Joni Ernst (R) 44%, Bruce Braley (D) 38%.

4 Latest Polls All Show GOP Leading in Alaska U.S. Senate Race.
Dan Sullivan (R) leads Sen. Mark Begich (D) by 2 to 6 points.

CNN Poll Shows GOP Winning Louisiana U.S. Senate Runoff.
Poll shows Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) with edge in general election, but Bill Cassidy (R) ahead in mandatory runoff.

Who Leads the Free Syrian Opposition that the U.S. Is Supporting?
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel doesn't have a clue.

Why You've Never Heard of the 'Khorasan Group.'
It doesn't exist. Obama made it up. Can you say al Qaeda?

Obama's Own JV Team.
Biden, Kerry, Hagel, Rice, Brennan.

GOP on Track for Record Number of House Seats.
Could exceed the 242 seats they won in 2010 for biggest haul since 1946.

Where in the World Is Kim Jong Un?
North Korean leader hasn't been seen since Sept. 3. Could just be gout – but could be much worse....

Who Is This 'New' Shadowy 'Khorasan Group'?
Al Qaeda. They never were "on the path to defeat."

1 in 4 Americans of Prime Working Age Not Working.
23.2% of Americans age 25-54 either unable to find work or have dropped out of labor force.

Hispanics' Approval of Obama Plummets.
Once 82%, Hispanic approval of Obama now 52%.

Gallup: Happy Anniversary, Mr. President.
According to Gallup, the number disapproving Obama's performance has been higher than those approving for a solid year.

GOP Increases Lead in Arkansas U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Tom Cotton (R) 47%, Sen. Mark Pryor (D) 40%.

GSA Hot-Tubber Indicted.
Jeffrey Neely, former GSA administrator famous for lavish partying at government expense, indicted for fraud.

You Should Have No Fear about Who Our Next Attorney General Will Be.
The Reverend Al Sharpton is on the selection committee.
AG Eric Holder Finally Quitting.
A recent poll showed Holder's positive rating was just 15%.

Spending on Estimated at $2.1 Billion.
60 companies have had their fingers in the ObamaCare website pie.
Fighting Reported on the Outskirts of Baghdad.
The fall of Baghdad: They said it could never happen, and now it almost has.

Syrian Rebels Denounce U.S. Airstrikes.
Critics want strikes focused on Assad, not on ISIS. Rebels accuse the U.S. of waging war against Islam.

Will Labor Secretary Tom Perez Be Obama's Pick for Attorney General?
Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch: Perez fits all the qualities that Eric Holder had: A lack of ethics, disrespect for the rule of law, and placing ideology first.

As Voters Flee High-Tax States, Northeast Loses 40% of Its House Seats.
The 11 northeastern states had 141 House members in 1950. They now have 85 – less than California and Texas combined.

Left-Leaning Poll Confirms GOP Lead in Louisiana U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) 48%, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) 45%. Importantly, 61% of voters approve of Landrieu's notorious keg-stand assist.

Can Greg Orman Win Kansas U.S. Senate Seat without Taking a Position on Anything?
Orman is running as an independent and won't even say which party he'll caucus with if elected. Position on Keystone XL pipeline? He doesn't have enough information to know.

On ISIS, Obama Relies on his Time-Tested, Pass-the-Buck Strategy: Blame, Deny, and Wait-It-Out.
How does Obama get away with claiming, once again, that he didn't know what everyone else knew? Obama counts "on the American people having a very short memory span and a healthy suspension of disbelief."

Senior Intelligence Officials Warned Obama that ISIS Was on the Move Months Ago.
A former intelligence official said, "Either the president doesn't read the intelligence he's getting or he's bull****ing." Sen. John McCain said that the rise of ISIS was followed closely, and the administration was warned "every step of the way that this was happening."
A military intelligence official told Fox News that Obama was presented options for targeting ISIS and Khorasan Group senior leadership in the 18 months leading up to last week's Syrian strikes.

Did Obama Actually Learn a Lesson from the Iraq Debacle?
It appears there will be a status of forces agreement to allow U.S. and NATO forces to remain in Afghanistan.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Obama Wants a Deal on Iranian Nukes 'W-a-a-a-a-y Too Bad.'
The only way to prevent a very bad deal being negotiated with Iran is to demand that Congress get an up or down vote on anything Obama negotiates.

Total Tax on Cigarettes in New York City Now $5.85 per Pack.
What does that cause? Smuggling. Who smuggles? "Some very very bad actors with ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, Asian organized crime, and Russian organized crime." Another liberal idea.

No Boots on the Ground: Are We Trading 'the Safety of U.S. Troops Today for the Safety of Our Children Tomorrow'?
Are we fighting a war of half-measures that only increases the long-term threat? Is "no boots on the ground" just a numbers game in which the military risk is offloaded onto U.S. government civilians and contractors? This is a thought-provoking op-ed.

In 2011, the White House Was Hit with Gunfire, and the Secret Service Didn't Know It Happened.
Multiple shots from a semiautomatic rifle struck the White House – as the Secret Service discovered four days later. This and other examples of Secret Service ineptness have led to calls to bring in the military to help protect the president.

Afghanistan's Planned Transition to a Stable Independent State Has Failed.
The plan to withdraw U.S. troops "seemed wrong when it was made in 2009 and is proving catastrophically wrong now."

Why Will Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Never Stand Court Martial?
Because, as a senior army official said, it would "make the president look bad."

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D, Conn.) Offers Plan to Punish Student Loan Recipients who Enter Private Sector.
The Blumenthal plan would forgive loans to people choosing to work for the government or certain nonprofits. We don't need no stinking capitalists!

Yemen Is Obama's Model for His Fight against ISIS. How's That Working Out?
U.S. evacuates "non-essential" staff from embassy in Yemen. Administration cites "changing, unpredictable security situation in Yemen" as Iran-backed Houthi rebels seize most of Yemen's capital city and hundreds die. As nearly everyone knows, Obama's Yemen model is a wreck.

U.S. Reportedly Softens Line in Iran Nuclear Negotiations.
Diplomats say current offer would allow Iran to keep half its current centrifuges spinning and reduce the flow of uranium gas so that it would take Iran a year to build a nuclear warhead. I wouldn't mind buying my next car from John Kerry, but I certainly don't want him negotiating for me.

Gen. Dempsey: Up to 15,000 Ground Troops Needed to Succeed in Eastern Syria.
Current plan is to train 5,000 Syrian fighters over the next year.

Afghan Taliban Behead at least 15 – Including Women and Children.
As Obama continues to abandon Afghanistan, the country's future appears hopeless: Taliban offensive in eastern Afghanistan leaves 100 dead or wounded. Were those who were killed individuals who had previously supported the U.S.? Potential future allies see what happens to those who support a faithless America. And, of course, the abandonment of Afghanistan will return it to its previous role as a terrorist staging area for attacks against the civilized world.

70% Of Immigrant Families Released into U.S. Fail to Subsequently Meet with Federal Agents.
The U.S. government has transformed itself into "a concierge service for illegal aliens" as tens of thousands of families disappear into the U.S. after crossing the border illegally.

Eric Holder's Tenure as Attorney General.
"A disturbing mix of duplicity, incompetence, and obliviousness." Remember, in 2007 when then-Sen. Barack Obama attacked Attorney General Gonzales for being "the president's attorney" rather than "the people's attorney"?

Eric Holder's Contempt for the Rule of Law.
"Much of his preference was employing the law for political purposes; or, when necessary, dispensing with the law completely."

The Incredible, Controlling Clintons and Their Media Paranoia.
At the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York, the Clintons assigned "press aides" to accompany reporters to the bathroom and stand outside their stalls. These rules didn't apply to everyone. When one group was seen jumping the queue for metal detectors it was explained that that was okay, "They're with Katie Couric!"

Bill Clinton's Nose Still Growing.
The Washington Post gives Bill Clinton three more Pinocchios for his claim that he provided 100,000 cops that drove the crime rate "way down." Just two problems: there weren't 100,000 new cops and the crime rate barely budged.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Captured ISIS Fighters Have Revealed Plot to Attack Subways in U.S. and Paris.
ISIS fighters have reportedly said that Americans and French have been recruited by ISIS for the attack. The U.S. says it has no knowledge of such a plot.

Obama Forbids Use of Religion to Identify Terror Threats.
Meanwhile, ISIS agents actively recruit in U.S. mosques. Hey, the U.S. is not at war with Islam.

Judge Denies Dept. of Justice 'Fast and Furious' Request.
The DOJ had sought to delay production of a Vaughn index. In the Vaughn index, the DOJ must list every Fast and Furious document for which they are claiming an exemption, state the exemption claimed, and explain the interests that would be damaged by disclosure. The index must be produced by October 22, 2014.

Latest Obama Executive Order Will Require Evaluation of Global-Warming Impact of Programs Such as Fight against Ebola.
Order requires "climate-resilient international development." You can't make this stuff up.
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