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Terrorists Hit Canada - Day 2

'Full Mussolini.'
Mark Levin expects Obama to go "full Mussolini' after the election.

The Democrats Are Running.
But Obama won't let them hide.

Silicon Valley Billionaires Filled Obama's Campaign Coffers.
Now they want what's due them. (The White House is still like a subway.)

VA Hid Negative Report for 6 Years.
In 2008, an inspector general found deliberate falsification of wait times in VA records.

The Hunter Biden Chronicles.
Nepotism has its privileges.

Sen. Coburn Blasts Government onSpending.
$387,000 for Swedish massages for rabbits.

Women Want GOP Control of Congress.
44% prefer GOP, 42% prefer Dems. Just last month 47% preferred Dems, 40% preferred GOP.

Six Times Obama Declares 'Crisis.'
Six times, he does nothing.

New Ebola Travel Restrictions.
Travelers from affected nations must enter U.S. through 1 of 5 airports and face special screening.

ObamaCare 'Death Spiral.'
Without subsidies, ObamaCare would collapse.

Early Voting Numbers 'Look Bad' for Democrats.
GOP turning out high percentage of early voters.

65% Say U.S. on 'Wrong Track.'
64% say U.S. "out of control."

Big GOP Lead in Arkansas U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Tom Cotton (R) 49%, Sen. Mark Pryor (D) 40.5%.

Democrat Poll Shows GOP Lead in Colorado U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Cory Gardner (R) 46%, Sen. Mark Udall (D) 43%.

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Goes to ISIS.
Aid meant for displaced Syrian civilians finds its way to ISIS fighters.

Obama Speaks, Audience Heads for the Exits.
A "steady stream" of people left a Maryland rally when Obama began to speak.

Teachers Flee Union in Wisconsin.
Offered the right not to be in union, over one third of teachers have dropped out.

Biden's Son Keeps Law License.
Apparently cocaine use not a problem for Connecticut bar authorities.

Immigration from Cuba Soars.
Number of undocumented Cuban immigrants doubles from two years ago.

Why Don't We Have a Surgeon General?
Senate Democrats don't support Obama's nominee.

Will Obama Back Bush on Torture?
Obama may agree with Bush that prohibition against torture stops at the water's edge.

Shock: ObamaCare Premiums Set to Soar.
64% increase in bronze plan cost in Seattle.

The Government Is Watching You.
On Twitter.

Was Benghazi Attack an Attempt to Get CIA Data?
Indictment of Benghazi terrorist suggests this – doesn't mention video.

Case against Benghazi Terrorist Moving Slowly.
Maybe because Holder handed it off to a buddy.

Obama Seethes over Ebola Response.
Apparently he's less tolerant of incompetence in others.

Supreme Court Allows Texas Voter ID.
All three ladies dissented.

Obama Floats Immigration 'Reform' Trial Balloon.
Allows 100,000 Haitians to bypass law and enter U.S.

GOP Has 99% Chance of Controlling House.
But only 95% chance of controlling the Senate.

Who Is Tom Frieden?
CDC director spearheaded New York's nanny state: Sir, put down that illegal big soda and step away!

Desperate Democrat Candidate Flips on Ebola Travel Ban.
Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina was against the ban before she was for it.

Obama Supports Our Troops.
Before they head out to fight Ebola in Africa, they get 4 hours of Ebola training!

$40 Million in NIH Funds that Could Have Gone to Ebola.
Could studies of texting drunks and origami condoms have waited?
Police Confirm 'Several' Shootings in Wednesday's Attack on Canadian Capital.
One terrorist shot dead in Parliament building. The attack in Ottawa occurred just two days after a self-radicalized Canadian drove his car into two Canadian soldiers, killing one.

Volunteers Go Door-to-Door 'Ballot Harvesting' in Colorado.
Volunteers canvass neighborhoods to collect mail-in ballots. What they do with them is anybody's guess. My guess, this is not good news for the GOP. Colorado is ripe for voter fraud. (See here, and below.)

Voter Fraud Is 'Awesome' in Colorado.
Guerilla filmmaker James O'Keefe shows that voter fraud in Colorado is both easy and condoned. Greenpeace employee recommends harvesting unused mail-in ballots from fraternity houses.

For Your Convenience: In Illinois, Voting Machine Automatically Converts Your Vote from GOP to Democrat.
Hey, it's just a "calibration error." Have you noticed how all these "errors" always go in the same direction?

New Evidence Supports Officer Wilson's Account of Ferguson, Missouri Shooting.
Officer's account supported by autopsy results, blood splatter analysis, casings, and ballistics tests.

Obama Felt the Political Pressure to Appoint an Ebola Czar – No Qualifications Necessary.
Obama just needed to find someone to occupy the slot until the political pressure eases. Ron Klain will therefore be the Ebola czar for a few months then be promoted to presidential counselor or chief of staff. He probably won't have much to do until he gets his real job.

Democrat Political Science Expert Testifies As to Why Democrats like Late Voter Registration.
Charles Stewart testified for the Justice Department, describing those who register late as "less sophisticated," "less attuned to public affairs," and, remarkably, "People who correspond to those factors tend to be African American!"

Obama: Don't Believe What Those Dem Candidates Are Saying, They Vote with Me.
Democratic candidates desperate to distance themselves from the toxic president first had to weather Obama's admission that even though he wasn't on the ballot, his policies were. Now he tells voters that those Dem candidates who are claiming to be independent of Obama are lying!

Thousands of Federal Workers on Extended Paid Leave.
Over three years, more than 57,000 workers have been sent home for a month or more – some for a year or more – while awaiting decisions on charges against them. Cost: $775 million in salary alone.

Sen. Hagan Recommends Judge for Federal Appointment while He's Hearing Her Husband's Case!
Sen. Kay Hagan (D, N.C.) says she had no idea the judge she recommended for appointment to the federal bench was at that time hearing a case involving her husband.

Obama's Post-Election Triple Punch to Hit America in the Gut after Midterms.
Look forward to immigration amnesty, higher health insurance costs, and early release of convicted criminals.

Here We Go Again: U.S. to Ease Repurchase Demands on Bad Mortgages.
Just after announcing that home buyers could buy homes with down payments as low as 3%, the government now plans to ease rules designed to prevent banks from issuing loans to unqualified buyers. Can Housing Crisis II be far away?

Government Seeks Contractor with Capability to Print Up to 9 Million Work Permits for Illegal Aliens in a Single Year.
Federal contract calls for up to 34 million work permits for illegal immigrants – one of Obama's post-election surprises.

Obama Allows 167,000 Foreign Criminals to Live Freely in the U.S.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency report shows that these criminals have been ordered out of the country by the courts, but the courts' rulings have not been enforced. A total of 897,572 illegal immigrants who have had final deportation orders issued by the courts remain in the U.S. – part of the 12 million illegals allowed to remain under Obama's "prosecutorial discretion" policy.

There's One Thing Obama Desperately Wants in Iran Nuclear Deal.
Obama's primary objective is to avoid a vote in Congress. Nothing else much matters.

Obama Hides His Entire Agenda Until after the Election.
Obama knows that revealing his plans now would exacerbate the looming Democrat election disaster.

White House Ebola Crisis Meeting Postponed to Evening So Obama Can Play 5 Hours of Golf – New Czar a No-Show.
The White House has held two meetings on the Ebola crisis since the new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, was appointed. Klain did not attend either meeting. We all know what "crisis mode" means to Obama. Klain appears to subscribe to the same philosophy.

Democrats See Black Vote as Last Hope in Midterm Elections.
Democrat memo warns of "crushing Democratic losses across the country" if black voters don't turn out.

Where Are the 'Clinton Democrats?'
In Kentucky, Georgia, and Arkansas, the Clinton charm may be wearing thin.

Obama's Standing with Women Hurts Senate Democrats.
Obama's high disapproval ratings among women in Senate battleground states sets stage for election losses.

Ebola Dirty Bomb: All You Need Is a Bag of Vomit.
An Ebola dirty bomb would not be technically difficult to make and deliver – especially with the involvement of martyrs. For persons willing to risk their own deaths, Ebola virus would not currently be difficult to obtain. Potential martyrs could be exposed to infected patients or to their body fluids. Having thus acquired Ebola infection, these martyrs could travel the world, symptom-free, during the incubation period of the disease. Upon becoming ill at some predetermined destination, these witting (or unwitting) martyrs would provide a plentiful supply of body fluids containing the Ebola virus for dissemination by co-conspirators. It's not difficult to imagine innumerable settings in which the dissemination of these fluids would cause illness, death, and panic.
Ultimately, the best protection against this scenario would be an effective Ebola vaccine. In the meantime, border security with tightly controlled travel and intensive intelligence scrutiny of potential attackers will be the mainstays of defense. This is yet another good reason for a ban of travel from areas with ongoing Ebola infection – and for aggressive control of U.S. borders.

'It May Be that the Virus Burns Hotter and Quicker.'
NIH scientist Peter Jahrling worries that his team in Liberia is reporting higher levels of virus in current Ebola patients than have previously been seen. Viral levels also appear to be rising more quickly.

In Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer's Version of Brown Shooting Begins to Emerge.
Michael Brown reached for Officer Wilson's gun, which discharged twice in car. Brown's blood found on gun and in car. Brown punched Wilson repeatedly.

Cocaine Scandal Involving Joe Biden's Son about Much More than Cocaine.
It's about favoritism and cover-up.

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