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In a dying civilization, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician, but of the man with the best bedside manner. It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance— Eric Ambler, A Coffin for Dimitrios

Understanding Conflicting ObamaCare
Court Decisions Not Complicated

20,000 Attend U.S.-Israeli Soldier's Funeral.
Sean Carmeli, originally from South Padre Island, was a "lone soldier" – a term applied to thousands of Israeli troops whose parents do not live in Israel. Fearful that his funeral would be sparsely attended, thousands of mourners came to pay their respects.

Investigators Obtain ObamaCare and Subsidies Using Fake Identities.
11 of 12 requests using "fictitious identities" were accepted and resulted in subsidized coverage.

96% of Illegal Alien Children Now 'Discharged' to 'Sponsors.'
55% of these children have been placed with parents!

Senate Dems Cut $1 Billion from Obama's Border Request.
Republicans cut more and want changes in 2008 law that makes it difficult to return Central American children.

NY Gov. Cuomo's Vaunted Ethics Commission Has One Serious Limitation.
Commission not allowed to investigate friends of the governor.

Obama Recovery Now Five Years Old.
These statistics explain why you ask, "What recovery?"

What Happens When You Write an Anti-Clinton Book?
For one thing, don't expect to be interviewed on CNN.

It's the Amnesty, Stupid!
Evidence is overwhelming that the current wave of Central American immigration is driven by the expectation of amnesty.

Food Stamp Program Overpays by $2 Billion.
$74.6 billion in benefits provided. The government crows that this is the lowest payment error rate ever!

Kerry Subjected to Metal Detector Scrutiny at Egyptian Presidential Palace.
They had probably heard rumor that Kerry had fought in Vietnam.

Britain to Launch Inquiry into Murder of Putin Foe.
Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium 210 after he fled to London.

Sharia Law Comes to America.
Leaders of Philadelphia mosque try to cut off alleged thief's hand with a machete.

IRS Reports Yet Another Round of Computer Hard Drive Crashes.
Additional group of IRS employees critical to the Congressional investigation have suffered a convenient loss of records.

Public Has Dim View of Hillary Clinton's Time at State.
14% say Hillary Clinton's performance as secretary of state was "excellent." 32% say it was "poor."

Tech Experts Ask Six Questions about Those Missing IRS Emails.
#6. Where are Lois Lerner's Blackberry emails?

Biden Wrong Again.
In defending himself from accusations that he is always wrong, Biden makes yet another mistake.

Gingrich on 'The Bear Is Loose.'
For Obama, "the bear is loose" means a trip to Starbucks. For Putin, it means stealing Crimea.

Another ObamaCare Fix on the Way?
The problem: People can't keep their doctor or their hospital. And costs are soaring. What a shock!

White House Hid Data on Families Crossing Border.
Emphasized more sympathetic minor children and hid 5-fold spike in family units.

Washington Post's Vile Cartoon.
Newspaper posts animated cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu beating a Palestinian infant.

Another ObamaCare Exemption.
Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories now exempt from coverage requirements.

Rand Paul's Constitutional Problem.
Under Kentucky law, he can't run for president and senator at the same time.

Hillary Clinton Opines on Downed Airliner.
It's Europe's problem.

59% Say Send Illegals Home ASAP.
27% want to make it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in U.S.

GOP Has Slight Lead in Colorado Senate Race.
Rep. Cory Gardner (R, CO) 44%, incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D, CO) 42%.

$500,000 Price Tag for Lunch with the Clintons.
But it will cost you $1 million if you bring the kids.

How Did DOJ Learn of IRS Hard Drive Problem?
Like Obama, the Dept. of Justice gets its information from the news.

John Bolton's Super PAC Releases First Ad.
Video of Rep. Ann Kuster (D, NH) shows she doesn't know that Benghazi is in the Middle East!

Prank Caller Punks MSNBC.
Hard to believe the MSNBC host is this gullible.
California Death Penalty Ruled Unconstitutional.
Federal judge says it takes too long to apply – because of defendants' endless appeals. So, if you appeal your sentence enough times, it won't be applied because of the long delay!

Reagan Missile Defense Vision Saving Lives in Israel.
Remember when liberals scoffed and called it "Star Wars"?

ObamaCare Navigators Were Hard at Work.
On average, each navigator aided fewer than two people per day.

Michelle Obama's Major Oops.
Yes, Michelle, it's "fire fight," not "fire fart."

Maryland Gov. O'Malley Doesn't Want Young Migrants Deported.
Just don't send them to Maryland.

Hatch Act? What Hatch Act?
Former Obama Labor Secretary Hilda Solis caught engaging in illegal fundraising.

'Our Doors Are Open.'
Rep. John Lewis (D, GA) says anyone who wants can just come to the U.S.

Corporations Leaving U.S. to Cut Taxes.
U.S. corporations buying foreign companies in order to establish overseas headquarters and avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in high U.S. taxes.

EPA Backs Off.
For now, the Environmental Protection Agency will not garnish wages without a court order.

ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Busts the Budget in Chicago.
Early adoption results in $67 million budget shortfall.

It's the Entitlements, Stupid!
Congressional Budget Office says U.S. deficit levels are unsustainable.

The Unbearable Lightness of Paul Krugman.
Consistently leftist, consistently wrong.
If You Know Which President Appointed Each Appellate Court Judge, You Know How They Voted on ObamaCare.
The case in the D.C. Court of Appeals was heard by two Republican-appointed and one Democrat-appointed judge. It decided 2-1 against the ObamaCare subsidy scheme. The Fourth Circuit case was heard by three Democrat-appointed judges who voted 3-0 in favor of the administration's position on ObamaCare subsidies.

Benghazi Attackers Had Occupied the House Next Door to U.S. Consulate for Months.
These new neighbors prompted security requests from the U.S. mission – including repeated requests up until the day of the attack – for more weapons and personnel.

4 Important Articles on IRS Email Scandal

IRS IT Professionals Say Lerner's Hard Drive Was Scratched, but Data Was Recoverable.
IRS professionals recommended that the agency seek outside assistance in recovering the data. Why was this recommendation not followed? In fact, internal IRS IT tracking documents once described the hard drive as "recovered." Importantly, it is unknown whether the scratch was accidental or deliberate.

What Happened to the IRS IT Asset Managers Who Appear to Have Disappeared at Key Time?
"At least three IT Asset Managers who were working at the IRS prior to the 13 May 2013 Inspector General Report were shuffled out from those positions around the time of that report." These three would likely have been integrally involved in attempts to recover "lost" Lois Lerner emails.

IRS Is Seeking Contractor to Destroy 75,000 Electronic Storage Devices.
This includes 65,464 magnetic tapes and 3,225 hard drives. Note that in addition to claiming that Lois Lerner's hard drive had been destroyed, the IRS has also said that the backup magnetic tapes were overwritten. (See article below.)

Lois Lerner's Emails May Still Exist!
After repeated statements that most of former IRS employee Lois Lerner's emails had been destroyed, the IRS is suddenly not so certain.The IRS says it is no longer confident that the backup tapes have been overwritten every six months as previously claimed.

Courts of Appeals for the District of Columbia and the Fourth Circuit Disagree on ObamaCare Subsidies.
The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that, by the plain language of the Affordable Care Act, only exchanges created by the states could provide subsidies. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals used tortuous reasoning to find that the plain language doesn't mean what it clearly says.

Democratic Donors Being Denied Ambassadorships They've Already Paid For.
Long list of wealthy Democrat donors now waiting for plum assignments. While Democrats are furious, Republicans want to call attention to the utter absence of qualifications of many of the appointees.

Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. Says Absence of Military Assistance from U.S. Creates a Vacuum for Iran.
The ambassador says that, if America will not provide military assistance to Iraq, Iran will.

In Long-Awaited MH17 Comments, Obama Rehashes Weekend News and Grossly Misstates Russian Role.
Obama spoke of the "extraordinary influence" Russia has over the Ukrainian separatists. This seriously understates the Russian role. Putin has absolute control over what these separatists do. Separatists are preventing investigation of the MH17 site because that is what Putin has ordered them to do.

Brooks County, Texas: 42 Migrant Bodies Found This Year.
400 bodies of illegal immigrants found since 2009 – including that of a 16-year-old boy discovered last month.

Obama Administration Ignored Warning of Impending Border Crisis.
In August 2013, a team from the University of Texas at El Paso identified a surge of children at the border. The UTEP team issued a report to the Department of Homeland Security. The report, and other warning signs, were ignored.

'A Hell of a Pin-Point Operation.'
Secretary of State John Kerry's open microphone comment reveals the administration's hostility to Israel's self-defense.

$2.8 Billion Reward to Iran for Failing to Reach Nuclear Agreement.
Failure to reach an agreement in nuclear weapons talks allows Iran to keep its centrifuges spinning. And of course, if Iran hasn't achieved all its nuclear program's goals after four more months of nuclear "negotiations," the Obama administration will undoubtedly give them as much additional time and money as they need.

IRS Files Affidavit under Oath Regarding Lois Lerner's Hard Drive.
Affidavit confirms that the hard drive has been recycled and will never be produced. It also says that the Inspector General investigating the incident has no idea how much time his investigation will require. The document contains no specifics about what was wrong with Lerner's hard drive (was it simply wiped?) or what actual technical measures were used to recover data from the drive.

Evidence Shows that Missile that Shot Down Ukrainian Military Plane Was Fired from Inside Russia.
Was that same battery then moved into Ukraine and used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines 777?

BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York Withdraws from Medicaid.
Company says it has incurred losses in excess of $40 million dollars in its Medicaid programs over the last three years, and it cannot continue having its Medicaid losses funded by its other lines of business.
Failed Iran Nuclear Negotiations Will Be Allowed to Drag on for at Least Four More Months.
As usual, the administration delivered the bad news late on a Friday evening. Negotiations will continue for another four months and, beyond that, if Iran needs more time to advance its nuclear program. (See related article below.)

The Obama Administration Talked Tough to Convince Skeptics that It Was Appropriate to Ease Sanctions and Negotiate with Iran for Six Months to End Iran's Nuclear Program.
"If the Iranians don't get to a 'yes' at then end of six months we can put in place more sanctions," the State Dept. argued. But now, after the expiration of six months, the administration wants four more months of "negotiations."

Many Dedicated AIDS Researchers Feared Lost on Downed Malaysian Airliner.
More than one-third of the passengers on the downed Malaysia Airlines 777 were headed for an international AIDS conference. Most names are not yet available. Dutch researcher Dr. Joep Lange is believed to have been on the flight as was World Health Organization spokesman Glenn Thomas.

'It Looks Like It May Be a Terrible Tragedy.'
Rush Limbaugh's take on Barack Obama's perfunctory dismissal of the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines 777 with loss of nearly 300 lives.

Homeland Security Estimates Cost of Housing Immigrant Children at Up to $1,000 per Child per Day.
The announcement by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was met by an audible, bipartisan gasp from senators who heard the remark.

Vast Majority of Asylum Claims Granted.
In 2014, asylum officers approved 65% of claims of unaccompanied immigrant minors during their first review. Many more stand a good chance of later approval.

An Election Is Coming. Time for Obama to Delay the ObamaCare Employer Mandate Once Again.
Maybe he'll just loosen the reporting requirements so he can pretend he didn't delay it again.

Early Information Suggests Plane Was Flying at 30,000 Feet and Was Downed by Surface-to-Air Missile.
Col. Ralph Peters, speaking on the Fox Business Channel (information not at link), said that only the Russian military could have accomplished this. He commented that this was undoubtedly a mistake that he attributed to the general sloppiness and poor training that plagues the Russian military. (Thank God the Obama administration has substantially improved the tranquility of the global community – as claimed by the White House Press secretary.)

Allegation: Dept. of Justice Deliberately Prolonging Investigation of Former CIA Director David Petraeus in Effort to Prevent His Testifying on Benghazi.
Accusation made by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R, Utah) who noted the "investigation" has been dragging on for two years.

Most Transparent Administration Ever Rolls Out Novel Legal Theory to Duck Subpoena.
White House says it's "immune" from Congressional subpoena.

Latest Biden Gaffe a 'Really Bad Moment' for White House.
In essence, the vice-president said that he knows the change they promised in 2008 hasn't happened, but it's possible it might happen in the future. Got that?

Shocker: Obama to Request More Time to Negotiate with Iranians over Nuclear Weapons.
Predictably, negotiations have gone nowhere as the Iranians have both received sanctions relief and been permitted to continue their nuclear weapons and ICBM programs.

Obama Assures Hispanic Caucus on Deportations.
President tells caucus he will act later this year to be "as great and big and bold as he can be" to reduce deportations of illegal immigrant families.

It's the Permisos, Stupid.
Federal report reveals that the primary reason for the wave of immigration from Central America is the expectation of being allowed to stay in the U.S. 219 of 230 migrants interviewed by authorities said they primarily came because of belief that U.S. immigration laws would give them a free pass.

Parents Giving Birth Control to Girls Migrating from Central America 'In Case They're Raped' along the Way.
This according to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Obama's Use of IRS and 'Koching' Appear to Be Accomplishing Goal of Discouraging GOP Fundraising.
Democratic fundraising is outpacing GOP fundraising as Republicans fear IRS reprisals or being publicly targeted as Obama has targeted the Koch brothers.

VA Attempts to Spy on Congressional Staffers.
When Veterans Affairs Committee staffers investigated the Veterans Benefits Administration office, they were told to review case files in a room in which audio and visual equipment had been activated to observe their activities.
Another Hard Drive Goes Missing: Former Lois Lerner Deputy Can't Be Prosecuted because the FEC Destroyed Evidence.
April Sands was a prodigious campaigner for Obama while on the job at the Federal Election Commission. She resigned when confronted with evidence that she had violated the Hatch Act. However, prosecution could not proceed because – wait for it, wait for it – incriminating evidence was destroyed when her computer hard drive was recycled.

New Senate Bill Would Override State Laws that Ban Late-Term Abortions.
The bill is supported by two-thirds of Senate Democrats.

Obama's Failure to Deal with Border Crisis Is Not just Incompetence.
There's also cynical political calculation at work.
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