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78 Healthcare Workers Who Treated
Ebola Patients
Placed on No-Fly List

Vickers. Kevin Vickers.
Canadian hero receives standing ovation in Canadian Parliament.

While Canadians Mourn His Death.
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's dogs wait in vain for his return.

An Avalanche of Voter Fraud in Colorado.
Fraudsters hit the jackpot in Colorado – including voting by email.

Tea Party Republicans Highly Motivated.
73% of Tea Party Republicans are highly motivated in midterms, versus 57% of other Republicans and 42% of non-Republicans.

Television Networks Do Everything They Can to Help Democrats.
With Democrats in trouble, networks do their best to hide midterm elections.

Great Year at Southern Border.
Only 307 died trying to get into U.S. – a 15-year low.

Judge Provides Road Map for Future Obama/IRS Stifling of Political Opposition.
All IRS needs to do is deny tax-exempt status until after election, then grant it. Judge will rule the unconstitutional conduct is now moot and throw the case out of court!

Taliban on the Rise in Afghanistan.
Preparing for takeover as U.S. withdraws.

Canadian Prime Minister Calls It 'Terrorism.'
No mention of 'workplace violence' in speech.

71% of New ObamaCare Insured Are on Medicaid.
ObamaCare is mostly a thinly disguised expansion of Medicaid.

DOJ Condemns Leaks in Ferguson Case.
But many of those leaks came from federal govt.

Sign of Desperation?
Democrat Texas governor candidate Wendy Davis says she would welcome an Obama visit.

Who's Enthusiastic about Obama?
A full 9% of voters....

GOP Opens Big Lead in Colorado U.S. Senate Race.
Rep. Cory Gardner (R) 46%, Sen. Mark Udall (D) 39%.

'Full Mussolini.'
Mark Levin expects Obama to go "full Mussolini' after the election.

The Democrats Are Running.
But Obama won't let them hide.

Silicon Valley Billionaires Filled Obama's Campaign Coffers.
Now they want what's due them. (The White House is still like a subway.)

VA Hid Negative Report for 6 Years.
In 2008, an inspector general found deliberate falsification of wait times in VA records.

The Hunter Biden Chronicles.
Nepotism has its privileges.

Sen. Coburn Blasts Government onSpending.
$387,000 for Swedish massages for rabbits.

Women Want GOP Control of Congress.
44% prefer GOP, 42% prefer Dems. Just last month 47% preferred Dems, 40% preferred GOP.

Six Times Obama Declares 'Crisis.'
Six times, he does nothing.

New Ebola Travel Restrictions.
Travelers from affected nations must enter U.S. through 1 of 5 airports and face special screening.
U.S. Healthcare Workers Told They Might Infect Others During Airline Flights.
CDC schizophrenia on this issue is self-defeating. While placing U.S. healthcare workers on the no-fly list, there has been, to my knowledge, no effort to prevent healthcare workers treating Ebola patients in West Africa – such as the New York doctor infected with Ebola – from flying. This New York physician could easily have become symptomatic sooner and infected others while traveling.

Obama, the Bewildered Bystander.
Or, as Mitt Romney calls him, the spectator-in-chief.

Losing the War against ISIS.
As ISIS makes steady advances, the U.S. has made promises to would-be allies, but has delivered little.

DHS Slammed for Faulty Epidemic Preparedness.
Millions of dollars have been allotted by Congress for preparedness supplies for the possibility of an epidemic like Ebola. The DHS has spent the money with no apparent plan. It has allowed supplies of medication to expire, and has no idea what resources it has available. Typical government operation.

Rep. Peter King Blames NY Times for Attacks against Police.
King says that smearing the NY Police Department and creating the impression that the police are an "occupying force" has inspired lone wolf attackers.

The Federal Reserve Is Deliberately Stealing from Savers.
Throwing granny under the bus: Fed's interest rate strategy takes money from savers and transfers it to Wall Street and government.

'Fast and Furious' Cover-up: Executive Privilege Claimed for 15,662 Documents!
Executive privilege claimed for email between Eric Holder and his wife and mother! Judicial Watch reports that the Vaughn Index provided by the government (which lists the documents for which executive privilege is claimed) runs 1,307 pages and is only a draft!

Administration Lied When It Claimed Illegals Released from Jail Last Year Had Only Minor Criminal Records.
That's only true if you regard kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking, and murder as "minor" offenses. The illegals were allegedly freed to save money.

What Was the First Thing Hero Kevin Vickers Did after Shooting the Terrorist in the Canadian Parliament?
He quietly returned to his office – and reloaded his weapon.

Liberals Greet Violence against Some Women with Grins and Thumbs Up.
Vacuous CNN anchor invites audience to "sit back and enjoy" the audio account of an attack on Bristol Palin.

Was This a Book Advance or a Campaign Donation?
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo received a $700,000 advance for his book. In its first week, it sold 945 copies.

Health Insurance Broker Describes Huge Premium Increases for Those Forced into ObamaCare.
"We're not talking about a minor difference in premium. We're talking about a mortgage payment difference in premium for a lot of people."

Senate Democratic Officials Start Lashing Out at White House.
"The ineptitude of the White House political operation has sunk from annoying to embarrassing."

What Did Dem Candidate for Florida Governor Say When Told Minimum Wage Increase Would Cost Florida 50,000 Jobs?
"It's worth it," Charlie Crist said.

Police Confirm 'Several' Shootings in Wednesday's Attack on Canadian Capital.
One terrorist shot dead in Parliament building. The attack in Ottawa occurred just two days after a self-radicalized Canadian drove his car into two Canadian soldiers, killing one.

Volunteers Go Door-to-Door 'Ballot Harvesting' in Colorado.
Volunteers canvass neighborhoods to collect mail-in ballots. What they do with them is anybody's guess. My guess, this is not good news for the GOP. Colorado is ripe for voter fraud. (See here, and below.)

Voter Fraud Is 'Awesome' in Colorado.
Guerilla filmmaker James O'Keefe shows that voter fraud in Colorado is both easy and condoned. Greenpeace employee recommends harvesting unused mail-in ballots from fraternity houses.

For Your Convenience: In Illinois, Voting Machine Automatically Converts Your Vote from GOP to Democrat.
Hey, it's just a "calibration error." Have you noticed how all these "errors" always go in the same direction?

New Evidence Supports Officer Wilson's Account of Ferguson, Missouri Shooting.
Officer's account supported by autopsy results, blood splatter analysis, casings, and ballistics tests.

Obama Felt the Political Pressure to Appoint an Ebola Czar – No Qualifications Necessary.
Obama just needed to find someone to occupy the slot until the political pressure eases. Ron Klain will therefore be the Ebola czar for a few months then be promoted to presidential counselor or chief of staff. He probably won't have much to do until he gets his real job.

Democrat Political Science Expert Testifies As to Why Democrats like Late Voter Registration.
Charles Stewart testified for the Justice Department, describing those who register late as "less sophisticated," "less attuned to public affairs," and, remarkably, "People who correspond to those factors tend to be African American!"

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