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Terror Threat: U.S. Military Told to Hide Their Identities

Exploded NASA Rocket Relied on Soviet Engines.
Engines were first developed in 1960s, but were abandoned by Soviets after multiple failures.

La Raza Wants You to Know Where You Can Vote without ID.
Hispanic activist group pushes article with guide.

25% of Physicians Opt Out of ObamaCare.
In California, the number is estimated at 70%.

Older Actors Booted from Health Plan.
Actors' union forces them into ObamaCare.

ObamaCare Premiums Set to Soar.
Just how much is being withheld until after America votes.

Fertility Clinics Can Sell U.S. Citizenship.
Foreign parents can use U.S. citizen as surrogate to get citizenship for baby.

Russians Hack White House Computers.
White House claims "no evidence" that classified system was hacked.

Premiums Rise in 45 States Due to ObamaCare.
24.4% increase in non-group premiums.

'Effectively Dead.'
Doctors and hospitals flee Obama's digital health records effort, killing it.

Feds Sue New York City for Medicaid Fraud.
Seek treble damages for false Medicaid claims.

FBI Uses Fake News Story to Nab Bomb Suspect.
Seattle Times newspaper is outraged.

Is New Mexico in Play?
Overlooked U.S. Senate race tightening.

92% Chance GOP Will Win Senate.
According to the Washington Post. New York Times says GOP has only a 68% chance.

Afghan Army Incompetent.
Report from U.S. Central Command gives little hope for Afghanistan after U.S. departure.

Why Gas Is Cheap.
European economy is a wreck (demand). U.S. production has increased 50% since 2008 (supply).

Washington Post: Obama's ISIS Strategy Not Workable.
Obama has not authorized the military means to accomplish his stated goals.

Florida Orders Mandatory Ebola Monitoring.
Joins New York, New Jersey, and Illinois in ignoring more limited controls desired by the Obama administration.

State Quarantines a Reaction to Absence of Leadership.
Rep. Darrell Issa (R, Calif.) also cites lack of trust in the federal government.

Saturday Night Live Slams Obama and Ebola Czar.
Obama says the way he's handled Ebola – compared to IRS, NSA, etc. – is one of his greatest accomplishments. Funny!

The IRS Can Seize Your Bank Account.
And they don't even have to accuse you of a crime.

Obama's Secret Post-Election Agenda.
An avalanche of disasters will be inflicted on the U.S.

Bellevue Hospital Staffers Call in Sick.
Fear of Ebola grips hospital.

Gangsta Government.
Wisconsin DA uses legal harassment to influence election.

Hillary: Businesses Don't Create Jobs.
Only government can do that.

50% in U.S. Earn Less than $28,031.
39% earn less than $20,000.

The Lone-Wolf Canard.
Terrorism performed alone is still terrorism.

Bitter Irony: Democrats Shun Obama.
But Mitt Romney is in high demand.
Vickers. Kevin Vickers.
Canadian hero receives standing ovation in Canadian Parliament.

While Canadians Mourn His Death.
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's dogs wait in vain for his return.

An Avalanche of Voter Fraud in Colorado.
Fraudsters hit the jackpot in Colorado – including voting by email.
Threat to Military of Islamist Attacks Using Knives, Guns, or Explosives.
Military told to vary routes of travel, remove decals and other identifiers, and not make Internet posts critical of terrorist groups. This comes as U.S. boosts security at government buildings.

Is Obama Trying to Goad Netanyahu into an Iranian Attack?
Senior administration official calls the Israeli prime minister a "chickents**t" and says "he's scared to launch wars." Note: While it's hard to find any senior Obama administration official who has served in the military, Benjamin Netanyahu served in Israel's elite special forces unit, Sayeret Matkal. His brother Yonatan, served as commander of the same unit and was killed during the successful hostage-rescue mission in Entebbe, Uganda.

State Dept. Supports Bringing Non-Citizens to U.S. for Ebola Treatment.
Because we have such a good handle on Ebola in the U.S. Importantly, in order for it to manage just one Ebola patient, New York's Bellevue hospital had to transfer some ICU patients to another hospital.

Ambassador: U.S "Warned by Everybody" about ISIS.
Former Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said, not only was the administration warned, but it promised to increase support against ISIS, but did nothing.

Ebola Doctor Lied about His Travel in New York.
Dr. Craig Spencer, now hospitalized with Ebola, originally told authorities he had confined himself to his apartment. When confronted with data from his MetroCard and credit-card statement, he admitted to traveling around New York.

Where in the Hell Is the Ebola Czar?
With states and the military at war with Obama over management of the Ebola crisis, the urgently appointed Ebola czar, Ron Klain, is nowhere to be seen. It's easy to forget that, for Obama, once an appointment is made, a committee formed, or a speech given, the problem is considered solved. Just ask the people of Syria and Iraq how Obama's Atrocities Prevention Board is working out for them.

Union Chief: Use Next Week's Election to Reject Obama's Amnesty Plan!
Kenneth Palinkas heads the union that represents 12,000 immigration service personnel. He says the administration prevents them from doing their jobs and puts the country at risk.

Released Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Works for CDC.
Her attorney was an official guest at a White House dinner in February of this year.

It's Hard Work: Democrats Ripping the Rich While Raking It In.
Sleight of hand: From Hillary to Obama to a host of leftist billionaires, they're all lambasting the rich while amassing enormous personal fortunes. And the public lets them get away with it.

Joints Chiefs of Staff Seek Mandatory 21-Day Quarantine.
All U.S. troops returning from West Africa to undergo mandatory 21-day quarantine. Army has already placed a major general and 11 other troops under quarantine in Italy.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Makes Case for Suspending Visas from Ebola Countries.
Michael Chertoff says the visa approach could limit the risk of spreading Ebola to the U.S. without hampering efforts to combat Ebola in Africa.

Ebola Patient Thomas Duncan Misled Authorities about His Exposure to the Disease.
60 Minutes reported that Duncan failed to tell hospital staff that he was from Liberia and had had exposure to patients who died of Ebola. (Full 60 Minutes transcript.)

Three Pioneering Women in Marine Infantry Course Asked to Leave.
Just weeks after the women passed a rigorous qualifying course, they were disqualified for falling behind on hikes while carrying loads of 100 pounds or more. No woman has ever passed the Marine Infantry Officers Course.

Vickers. Kevin Vickers. 'I Engaged the Suspect, and the Suspect Is Deceased.'
The story of Canadian hero Kevin Vickers' actions on Parliament Hill begins to emerge. Vickers positioned himself on the opposite side of the pillar where the terrorist had concealed himself. Then Vickers dove to the ground at the foot of the terrorist and fired upward, emptying his entire magazine and killing the terrorist.

Slew of New NBC/Marist Senate Polls Released.
GOP leading in Colorado, Iowa, and Arkansas, down one point in Kansas and tied in North Carolina.

Suspect in Murders of Two California Sheriff's Deputies Was in U.S. Illegally.
The man charged with two counts of murder, attempted murder, and car hijacking had previously been deported twice. No word yet on whether his assault rifle was provided by the Dept. of Justice.

Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson.
New book by longtime CBS news reporter reveals "obstruction, intimidation, and harassment in Obama's Washington."

Note to Hillary: Who Creates Jobs? Texas.
Texas has added a net of 1.32 million jobs since the start of the Great Recession. The rest of the country has lost a net 1 million jobs.

Non-Citizens May Decide November Election.
More than 14% of non-citizens registered to vote in the 2008 and 2010 elections. In close races, these illegal voters could determine the outcome. And, of course, 80% vote for Democrats. That's why Obama wants to open the floodgates at the border.

New Jersey and New York Impose Ebola Quarantine Rules.
State governors have acted in the absence of federal leadership. When governors attempted to act to deal with the federal government's failure to act against illegal immigration, Obama went to court. That won't happen this time.

Doctor Not Contagious; We're Chasing Down All His Contacts.
Nonsensical reasoning confuses public. If he's not contagious, why investigate contacts? Why are U.S. healthcare workers who cared for Ebola patients on the no-fly list while West African healthcare workers are free to fly? And the ultimate silliness: You can't catch Ebola on a bus, but you can give it!

Race-Baiting Down the Homestretch.
When the going gets tough, the Democrats pull the race card. Michelle Obama leads the pack.

78 U.S. Healthcare Workers Who Treated Ebola Patients Placed on No-Fly List.
Healthcare workers told they might infect others. CDC schizophrenia on this issue is self-defeating. While placing U.S. healthcare workers on the no-fly list, there has been, to my knowledge, no effort to prevent healthcare workers treating Ebola patients in West Africa – such as the New York doctor infected with Ebola – from flying. This New York physician could easily have become symptomatic sooner and infected others while traveling.

Obama, the Bewildered Bystander.
Or, as Mitt Romney calls him, the spectator-in-chief.

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